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Aloe Vera Face Wash


100% Organic Aloe Vera – Refresh & Moisture Face Wash. Shrink Pores & Oil Control Deep Cleaning Face Cleanser. (100g)

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  • Natural aloe extract was used to prepare this composition, which is gentle, cooling, moist, and clean.
  • Clean the skin while also removing any excess grease and grime from it while allowing the water to flow freely.
  • Moderate care, clean, gentle skin beauty, and clean, delicate skin to enjoy
  • Use by placing the proper amount of the product in the palm of your hand, adding water, and then rubbing out the foam before gently massaging the face circle and washing it off with water.
  • Please stop using if you do not feel comfortable after using. Please avoid being at room temperature. Please store it somewhere youngsters can’t get it.


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